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Super Lion - Animated Short

Another collaboration between me and my 5-year-old son, Elliott. He wrote and narrated the story, drew the art, I animated it, and his Uncle Ben made the music.

Click here to watch the film!

Click here to watch the Behind The Scenes!

Also! The New York Daily News wrote a blog post about us! Check it out.

Tempo - Trailer

The teaser trailer for my new Red Giant short film.

*UPDATE: The film is now online! Watch it here.

Form 17 - Short Film

A bomb technician faces his most hazardous situation yet: Take Your Daughter To Work Day. Created to showcase PluralEyes 3. Click here to watch it.

Check out The Making of Form 17 here.

Order Up - Short Film

A pizza is delivered to a creepy, abandoned location. Then it gets weird.

Made to showcase Knoll Light Factory 3.

Elliott Worley’s The Three Little Pigs - Animated Short

A video I made with my 3-year-old son, Elliott. He wrote the story, drew the pictures, and narrated it. I brought his drawings into After Effects and animated them. Click below for a more detailed explanation of our workflow.

Click here to watch it.

Plot Device - Short Film

The short film I directed for Red Giant to showcase Magic Bullet Suite 11.

Watch it - click here

Behind The Scenes - click here

Trailer - click here