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Here’s a breakdown of some of TEMPO's visual effects.

Tempo - Short Film

A short film I directed and co-wrote to showcase Trapcode and other Red Giant products.

Click here to watch it!

Form 17 - Short Film

A bomb technician faces his most hazardous situation yet: Take Your Daughter To Work Day. Created to showcase PluralEyes 3. Click here to watch it.

Check out The Making of Form 17 here.

Tutorial - School Of Rock

Throw rocks at people with After Effects!

Tutorial - Web-Line Escape

Learn how I simulated a Spiderman web-shooting effect for this year’s Fuge Camps opening video using Trapcode Particular.

Tutorial - Promethe-esque Security Sweeper

Throw futuristic technology around as if it bores you in this new tutorial, “Promethe-esque Security Sweeper.” Inspired by the sweet laser probes in the Prometheus trailer. Uses Trapcode Particular and Form, as well as a cheap camping tent light from WalMart.

A preview of an upcoming tutorial for Red Giant TV