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Here’s a breakdown of some of TEMPO's visual effects.

Tempo - Short Film

A short film I directed and co-wrote to showcase Trapcode and other Red Giant products.

Click here to watch it!

Form 17 - Short Film

A bomb technician faces his most hazardous situation yet: Take Your Daughter To Work Day. Created to showcase PluralEyes 3. Click here to watch it.

Check out The Making of Form 17 here.

Been playing around with Element 3D for the last few days. Where has this been all my life? It’s definitely not a replacement for Cinema 4D (or whatever 3D program you call home), but for fast and easy 3D, it’s beyond awesome.

Tutorial - Promethe-esque Security Sweeper

Throw futuristic technology around as if it bores you in this new tutorial, “Promethe-esque Security Sweeper.” Inspired by the sweet laser probes in the Prometheus trailer. Uses Trapcode Particular and Form, as well as a cheap camping tent light from WalMart.

Tutorial - The Look Of VHS

Learn how to make your footage look like crap! Create the look of VHS in After Effects.

We got some new toys at work. Also, in unrelated news, I got nothing done today.

Working on a new tutorial…

Working on a new tutorial…

Plot Device - Short Film

The short film I directed for Red Giant to showcase Magic Bullet Suite 11.

Watch it - click here

Behind The Scenes - click here

Trailer - click here

Adventure Now 3 - Series

Created for Fuge Camps in 2010. Shot on location in Kauai, and The Nashville Zoo in Nashville, TN.

(Click here to watch)